March 27, 2009


the finish. :>

March 24, 2009

Sisters - WIP

Personal piece I'm working on :) I wanted to use some lighter, more pastel like colors. Also trying to figure out a way to do this 100% digitally without having it look like vectors-- I draw and ink everything by hand so it's a little weird when I zoom out and it looks like something I did in illustrator with the pen tool... Trying to fake "brush strokes" with default brushes is proving to be a bit of a pain though. I would ink traditionally, but I hate working large because then I have to scan the thing in 8 pieces or something, and if I work small, there isn't enough room for detail! hmmmm.

March 22, 2009


I'm on a roll today! Hmmm.

Epic Battle!


a work in progress. :)

finished listening to all the harry potter audio books... Jim Dale is awesome!! I'm SO late on this..

March 15, 2009

Tree Spirit


March 3, 2009

Ryohei Hase --Pieces from Ryohei Hase, a phenomenal Japanese artist that is a source of endless inspiration for me and probably for you, too! Check out his work, he's truly amazing. Digital, too-- I think he's one of the few artists that manages to work digitally and make it look utterly traditional... The power of photoshop-!

March 2, 2009


A sketch I did quite a while ago that I kind of want to take to finish... I wish I had my own friendly tree monster.

Snowed in..

Hello, world. So I woke up this morning a little early, looked out the window, and realized that we received somewhere around 12 inches of snow in last night's snowstorm. SVA is canceled, and that must mean that it's officially nuclear winter or something, as SVA doesn't cancel for anything or anybody.

Anyway, here are some illustrations I've finished recently!